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At Maadhav Automotive Fasteners, we place a lot of importance on developing and improving our infrastructure to keep pace with times. The changing face of technology has made it imperative for manufacturers and service providers to invest in the right type of infrastructural facilities. Our infrastructure is the backbone of our business and helps us manage the entire production process seamlessly and smoothly.
We make regular upgradation to our production systems by incorporation of improved version of machinery and equipment to help us cut down on costs and completion time. Our present plant uses the latest technology available to deliver quality results at every stage of the production process. Some of our machinery which adds to our infrastructural strength is:
We have an efficient and world class R & D department that is deeply involved in product innovations and development to create innovative fasteners that meets every requirement of the industry. Our modern facilities help us design and manufacture fasteners with cutting edge technology. The advanced manufacturing units are seamlessly integrated into the present setup to improve overall performance.
Skilled professionals manage all the areas of operations with a hawk eye on maintaining exacting quality standards. They bring to our R & D and the factory floor rich experience gathered from diverse areas of manufacturing and infrastructure improvement. Their expertise ensures optimum utilization of plant capacities and is responsible for consistency in quality and time management.

Our modern infrastructure is one of the critical reasons why our performance graph is on a positive curve year after year despite some tough market situations.

Our primary objectives in keeping our infrastructure current with the existing technology is to augment the quality standards of our industrial fasteners and to boost the production capability by maximum utilization of resources both human and machinery.
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